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Property In Prague, s.r.o. was established as a legal entity in 2003 and is an independent private equity Real Estate management firm, providing equity capital and management support to outstanding opportunities primarily in the Residential Real Estate sector in the Czech Republic.

The firm's residential real estate sector focus and the Partners?combination of extensive real estate financing experience with local networks radically differentiate PIP from other real estate fund managers and offer a unique investment proposition. The firm is an active, hands-on investor and, with its strong financial engineering capabilities, international affiliations and contacts, provides significant value beyond the provision of equity capital.

The PIP investment team thoroughly tracks market trends and fast growing locations for compelling real estate opportunities and outstanding developer teams.

With intensive research and proprietary insight, we aim to:

  • Determine where real estate development opportunities will arise out of prevailing or impending change
  • Identify projects and developer teams capable of building lasting value
  • Nurture strong relationships with our developer teams in order to guide strategic vision and help create exceptional sales and marketing strategies and efficient operations
  • Leverage our extensive real estate and financial network to ensure our portfolio properties have access to unique development opportunities, capital and liquidity


PIP Mission

PIP is proactively seeking investment opportunities in selected real estate sectors that we believe are driving the evolution of the Central European region. The diversity of talent and resources that we readily draw upon, our ability to understand the issues and dynamics affecting specific real estate industry segments, and our collective and practical real estate and development experience make us a nimble and attractive partner for developers seeking to launch or expand innovative projects.

PIP typically invests in development projects in which we have significant influence. By positioning ourselves to work side-by-side with local developer talent, we are able to contribute to key decisions that help developers avoid or overcome challenges affecting early stage projects. We typically invest EUR 1 to 20 million per transaction. When co-investing with others, we seek those with similar risk/return profiles to our own and with aligned perceptions regarding the appropriate direction of the given project. We look for development projects that have a distinctive location and/or differentiated
appeal in a large or growing market segment with a proven project management team that has demonstrated its ability to execute successful developments in the past. Finally, PIP requires that developers and their projects have manageable capital requirements and are able to scale effectively.


Indicatively these Projects:

  • Comprise of residential units (villas, townhouses, apartments);
  • Offer comprehensive community services such as security, maintenance, facilities and property management;
  • Strategically target domestic home buyers and, more opportunistically, wealthy foreign purchasers looking for solid investments

If you are interested in taking up our services, please send us your inquiry to info@propertyinprague.com or eva@propertyinprague.com