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Buyer Representation Services

As part of our Buyer Representation Service, Property In Prague will act for and on behalf of the buyer and, where appropriate, will deliver the following services on an ongoing basis:

1. Hold preliminary discussions with the developers and/or agents of schemes to establish key information and financial parameters that match the buyer’s search criteria.

2. Market research that identifies opportunities that most closely match the criteria set out by the buyer.

3. Inspect the short listed schemes with the buyer.

4. Negotiate, on the buyer’s behalf, with the appropriate persons to secure the preferred opportunity on the best terms achievable.

Standard Deliverables

Reports include the following information on properties or developments on the “Short List?

1. Provide the buyer with a summary of identified opportunities, together with a recommendation as to the three which most closely match the stated requirements.

2. Provide relevant market, financial analysis and other information to assist the buyer in determining the preferred investment.

3. Outline of developments, to include total number of units and phases.

4. Asking prices and, where appropriate, an estimate of the level of discount achievable.

5. Rental assessments and/or opinion of estimated rental value.

6. Where property is let, tenancy details to include current rent, lease expiry dates and current estimated rental value.

7. Lease term and annual ground rent.

8. Estimated service charges.

9. Floor areas and, if possible, floor plans.

10. Details of the developer, architects and builders.

11. Timing of launch to market, build programme and estimated practical completion date.

12. Specification of apartments and on-site amenities.

13. Location plan.

14. Provide information concerning taxation issues [1] and the mechanics of establishing Czech companies to enable non nationals to purchase property in the Czech Republic. Provide information about setting up said companies [2].

15. Client tracking system with custom made web link with detailed photos of property in question.

16. Any further information we may gather that would assist in decision making.

[1] Please note that Property In Prague can only provide information that is publicly available and cannot give financial, legal or taxation advisory services. Property In Prague does not accept liability for any consequences resulting from the use of such information provided. Only information provided by certified tax and legal advisors should be relied upon when considering any type of investment including real estate investments introduced by Property In Prague.

[2] Please note that this does not include the actual service of setting up the companies.

If you are interested in taking up a search service, please send us your inquiry to info@propertyinprague.com or eva@propertyinprague.com